Oil Meter HZ 5

Can also be installed in a one-pipe (suction pipe) system.
Oil Meter HZ 5

The HZ 5 oil meter is suitable for mounting on all makes of burner and can easily be retrofitted to your existing heating at any time. Check your oil consumption to see whether you use energy efficiently and economically. After correct installation the oil meter needs no maintenance or care whatsoever, this is first class technology.

Technical Data

Flow rate range 0,7 … 40 l/h = 0,6 … 34 kg/h
Burner Power 7 kW … 400 kW
Reading options on the oil meter 0,01 l … 99999,98 l
Measuring accuracy ± 1 %
Nominal pressure 25 bar
Pressure loss (Take particular care
of this when installing in the
suction line!)
0,05 bar … 0,2 bar
Fuel oil sort EL according to DIN 51603
Temperature range/
ambient temperature
–5°C … +70°C
Connecting thread DIN 3852-X-G 1/8″ internal
Weight 0,6 kg