Oil Meter HZ 6 D

With digital LCD

The optimum oil consumption monitoring device before and after your house modernization

for checking your energy saving.

Oil Meter HZ 6 D
  • heating installation
  • measuring system
  • your energy cost
  • your storage
  • robust
  • durable

Quality that counts

Technical Data

Article No. 89 316 007
Flow Range: 0,6 bis 34 kg/h
0,8 bis 50,4 kg/h
Burner Output 10 kW bis 600 kw
Measurement Accuracy: ± 1%
Nominal Pressure: 25 bar
Pressure Drop: 0,05 bis 0,2 bar
Fuel Oil Type: EL nach DIN 51603
Temperature Range: -5°C…+70°C
Connecting Thread: DIN 3852-X-G 1/8“
Weight: 0,6 g
Installation Options Oil Meter HZ 5D and HZ 6D

Connecting set with collar

Ölzähler HZ 5D und HZ 6D

Mounting accessories:

Mounting Accessories Oil Meter HZ 5D und HZ 6D